CD-Recordable Media

CD-Recordable Pricing

CD-Recordable 10-pack /
80 min / 700MB / 56X with Jewel case................ P/N 43010......$10

CD-Recordable 100-pack /
80 min / 700 MB / 56X with Jewel Case............... P/N 43101......$100

CD-Recordable 50-bulk pack with Cake Box
Silver/ 80 min / 700MB / 56X .............................. P/N 43050......$15

CD-Recordable 100-bulk pack with Cake Box
Silver/ 80 min / 700MB / 56X.............................. P/N 43102.......$30

CD-Recordable 50-bulk pack
White Inkjet Printable/ 80 min / 700MB / 56X....... P/N 43052.......$25



  • Contains Ultra Premium quality CD-Recordable media.
  • Approved for master recording and archival application which requires top speed, compatibility and reliability.
  • Recording bottom surface with blue/green cyanine dye is more stable and compatible.
  • Generic, plain, top surface with smooth/semi-gloss gold/silver or white finish is ideal for custom logo printing.
  • Standard CD-R can be used for silkscreen or thermal printing.

Bulk pack is economical for shipping and packaged in 50-pack spindle wrap without jewel case.

Compatible and tested with:

  • All speed CD-Recorders / CD-ReWritable drives (HP, Kodak, Philips, Pioneer, Ricoh, Sony, Yamaha.)
  • Record/Read up to 56X speed

Duplication Quality
Lifetime recorded media integrity. One year warranty.

We ship the highest quality CD-R made by Taiyo Yuden which invented CD-R media in 1985. Our CD-R media is exactly the same as Sony and 3M at a much more attractive price (as much as 50% less!). Since 1987, CD Technology has sold over 5 million CD-R with zero-defects!

Precautions for Handling CD-R Media
Before recording -- Optimize your hard drive! Check your recording software specs. Never touch either recording surface on top or bottom. Hold the CD-R along the edges only. Damaging either surface will cause recording errors. For best results, record at single speed or lowest possible.

After recording -- Write only on the center hub of the CD-R media or symmetric CD-R label with a soft marker. Never use a hard point pen on the CD-R. Do not use small stickers which can cause imbalance. Non-acrylic glue can damage the media. Clean with a soft, dry cloth and store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

The most consistent and reliable part of your CD recording is the CD-R media. All of our CD-R media are made identically in 100,000 unit volumes. It is unlikely that a single CD-R media in your package is defective. Please make sure that your hard drive, CD recorder, recording software and PC are in proper working order.

Who Needs Ultra Premium Quality CD-R Media?

  • Professional CD-R and CD-RW drives with precision calibrations and error checking.
  • Professional recording software with certified media requirements.
  • Recording data; especially numerical data.
  • Making a master for CD-ROM duplication.
  • Sending CD-R to general public for guaranteed compatibility with all existing hardware.


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